Supply chain

Are you seeking certification under environmental sustainability standards for your business, or in the process of developing your corporate social responsibility strategy? Are you concerned about securing trading permits, adhering to mandated caps and other kinds of regulation that are being pushed by governments in a bid to limit the amount of carbon released by businesses? Do your suppliers meet your “Going Green” credentials? Are they keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum? As the business landscape changes, there is more emphasis on the approaches that companies use to address their environmental objectives. Track trends accurately and identify areas of opportunity with ecoVaro energy monitoring software. This is across the scope of the supply chain, from the mine sites to the trash can- sourcing the ore, manufacturing processes, transportation networks, commercialisation and distribution of products, consumption, and to the final disposal of goods.

From those who feel motivated by their ethical obligations to Mother Nature, business owners targeting tax rebates and carbon credits for implementing energy efficient actions, to those seeking to add more clout to their tenders and make them compelling, the ecoVaro energy management system will enable you to analyse the impact that your operations have across the entire supply chain. In fact, customers are increasingly favouring companies that can credibly demonstrate how they’ve reduced their carbon impact. Data-driven insights from ecoVaro give you the information you need to make critical decisions and optimise your processes, and train your suppliers to get them on board your sustainability journey.