Field service organisations, Distributed Teams are challenged

FIELDELITE - Schedule Jobs to Fieldworkers in a click!

FIELDELITE - Schedule Jobs to Fieldworkers in a click!

Back office, mobile workers & customers working harmoniously in one single App

Field service organisations, Distributed Teams are challenged in understanding How, When and Where their mobile field workforce are at any given time. Ensuring compliance and Health & Safety are just two sides of the equation, while efficiency and cost containment comprise the other.

FieldElite empowers end-to-end Mobile Workforce Management, automating your field service processes and operations. Through real-time updates, your dispatcher, supervisor or field operations manager is in control, with visibility at all times.


Accept Jobs in the field

  • Accept jobs in the field
  • Add attachments
  • Client signatures

Manage Scheduled Jobs

  • Manage jobs
  • Drag & Drop Reschedule
  • Gantt Chart view


  • Job Tracking


  • View everything in one place
  • Client-Invoices-Quotations-Products
  • Revenue


  • Create Quotations / Invoices / Credit notes
  • Accept Payments
  • Keep profitability in check


  • Generate Reports
  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Invoice Payments


Plumber in uniform holds wrench, handyman


Smiling cleaner in office


Electrical Points Installation


Many Mousetraps On The Wooden Background


Modern office building


A Row of Cottages


Working Process at Unfinished Building


Skeleton Keys


Job management software designed to improve your efficiency and enhance customer experience.

FieldElite positively transforms how plumbers, electricians and many other industries do their work.

Helps to keep customers up to date with the progress of each job and collects feedback when the job is done!

Engaged, happy customers lead to more referrals, and a healthier business.


14 Day Free Trial
£ 39
Per User /Per Month
  • price discounts offered for high volumes of users
  • Job Management
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Signature Capture
  • Scheduling

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Return on investment from the start!

Instant benefits from day one from Field Elite

  • Dramatically improve workflow productivity
  • Drive revenues and profitability
  • Maximise asset & resource utilisation
  • Optimise invoicing and drive cashflow
  • Reduce failure
Real Time Connectivity
Connect your back-office & mobile teams to unlock business growth
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See FieldElite in a live action Demo

What is Mobile Workforce Management?

Mobile Workforce Management is the automation of the entire end-to-end workflow and operations in any service or transport sectors. Mobile Workforce Management is also known as Field Service Management, Service Management, Job Scheduling Software and Job Management Software.

Mobile Workforce Management replaces manual planning and paper job forms with intelligent and dynamic electronic scheduling, making it easy to schedule for multiple mobile workers or resources at the same time.

FieldElite Mobile Workforce Management enables mobile workers receive their jobs instantly in the field on smartphones using native Android mobile app.

Lengthy and laborious job forms are no longer required – customised workflows are completed on the mobile device, and the job can be completed instantly in the field, allowing the customer to be invoiced immediately.