As businesses become more complex, it has become difficult for organisations to manage their applications and databases. Every passing day, an enterprise ends up creating a vast number of applications and its corresponding data. The need for externally managed database and application management service is extremely high. Denizon helps you manage both your applications and database with ease.


IT companies generally invest over 60% of their budget on managing and operating their applications. A large amount of time is also invested in doing the same. It is expected that organisations worldwide will spend about 87.60 billion on application management services by 2025. To reduce the costs and the hassle associated with managing applications, outsourcing your application management services is the best solution.

Denizon helps you optimise your application, improve quality, and reduce costs by offering you the expertise of people who know the ins and outs of application management services. We offer co-sourcing, out-sourcing, out-tasking, remote monitoring, customer care, and operational management for your applications. With our help, you can deliver secure and high performing application experiences to any user and any device, anywhere in the world.


Applications run your businesses. Each application has an underlying infrastructure that connects the business with the rest of the world. Your application can run on the cloud, can be run on-premises, or can operate as a mobile app. However, to be able to make your application commercially available it needs proper care, attention, and management. 

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To grow your business function:

✓ Your application must be protected from malware and viruses

✓ Your application must have enough database space

✓ Your operating system must be updated regularly

✓ Your application must have regular upgrades and patches

✓ Your application must be scalable

To ensure that your application runs smoothly, your IT team needs operation experts, programmers, and database experts who specialise and maintain the health of your applications. It surely takes more than one person and more than one skill set to do all this. For a small or medium sized business, maintaining this set of human resource is a complicated deal.

This is where the role of application management services comes into play. Application Management services are a set of services that a managed service enterprise provides to various organisations that need to outsource their application management needs. Application management services like Denizon help accelerate your applications to grow in terms of agility, revenue, and customer engagement.



We provide remote support for all your queries.

We give you 24/7 support by creating tickets for individual queries and solving them as soon as possible.


Out-tasking allows you to turn over your day to day responsibility to us, while still retaining control of your application.

You remain in the picture at all times.


You can also allow us to take complete responsibility for the management of all your application portfolios and hand over the controls to us.


In addition to out-sourcing and out-tasking services, we also provide
effective onsite support. 


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Large organisations require content management systems, relationship management systems, and resource planning systems to manage their applications. As the number of applications and the complexity associated with each application increases, it becomes more and more difficult for the internal IT team to manage the backlogs of these applications. This increasing backlog and the inability to manage it slows down productivity.


Outsourcing monitoring, management, bug fixing, and optimisation of applications makes it easier for large organisations to focus on the development of new features instead.

Another benefit of outsourcing application management is the ability to continue working, even if an employee leaves the company.


Denizon has skilled experts ranging from software developers to SQL programmers who are proficient in the leading tools, languages and current systems in information technology. Hence, our group of experts will help free up your internal teams who can focus on pressing projects thus allowing your company’s functions to still operate as needed.

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Small and mid-sized organisations constantly struggle with the scarcity of resources both in terms of internal IT resources and infrastructure. To offset their lack of both resources, it is essential for them to consider pairing up with application management service providers like Denizon.


Relying on an application management service makes it easy for you to improve your business functions while moving away from the hassle of having a full time, dedicated IT team. Finding the right person to manage your core business is a difficult deal.


With an application management service, you can transfer this burden to a team of professionals who have a better understanding of dealing with the pressures associated with application management. This also allows you to scale up or down your service as per your needs, without having to invest in additional resources to get the job done.


Keeping your database updated and correct is an uphill battle that never seems to end. With Denizon however, maintaining your database is a hassle free deal.

A company’s database is its most critical component. If the database becomes inaccessible even for a temporary period, it can result in the loss of serious money. An unrecoverable loss of data poses an even more severe threat, as a company might actually go out of operation in such cases.

Databases of advanced software in this era comes with its own baggage of complexities. Most businesses are often unprepared for the complexities associated with managing these complicated databases. Hiring a qualified database expert is expensive and relying on a single DBA expert can prove to be scary.

In conclusion, what you need to do as a business that aspires to keep track of their database while carrying out other business functions smoothly, is to outsource database management services. Denizon provides you with certified individuals in the database management fraternity, whose expertise will ensure that all your database management skills are met with ease.

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Using and storing incorrect data uses up your resources and the time required to skim through them. We help you reduce this overhead by giving your data a good cleanse. From invalid phone numbers to postal mail-outs, we offer the best data cleansing service which leaves your database shining with the data that you actually need.

We analyse your data thoroughly, audit your existing database, identify and correct the wrong information, and provide you with clean and usable data sets. All in all, we ensure that the data that remains in your database is actually the data that is easily found and ready to be used.


We deliver data validation services that are tailored to your specific needs.


We help you refresh your historical data and keep your database up to date. 


We offer services like rule-based validation, automated validation screening, data mining, spot checks, ongoing data validation, and research on secondary and primary data formats.


Combine your need to migrate to your chosen cloud vendor, with our in-house data management technologies, and we have the perfect solution for your need to transform and migrate your data.


We customise your data and reformat it prior to migration to a new system.


We understand that every data migration process is different. Hence, we collaborate closely with you in order to understand your specific needs and come up with the most effective solution tailored to your needs.


Data mapping can be a cumbersome process that costs both time and money and drains your technical resources to the core. We come to the rescue in this case by helping you put the pieces together using the combination of technical expertise and a mapping middleware.
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With us, you can prevent costly downtime by reaping the benefits of:
• Full-time monitoring services
• Fast response cycles and high availability
• Corrective actions
• Root cause analysis
• Capacity planning
• Disaster recovery and backups
• Health checks


We minimise the complexity of your system and maximise your business value by administrating your data.


We ensure that your database is efficiently monitored by:

• Change requests
• Performance tuning
• Migrations
• Updates
• Security audits
• Server configuration reviews


We help you maintain robust data centres in strategic locations with state-of-the-art network infrastructure.


You can consolidate your entire database requirements by partnering with us. Maintaining your data centre with our help will help you obtain enormous savings on data centres.


We develop the perfect backup and recovery environment for your enterprises.


We have hands-on experience working with storing all your essential data into safe, accessible locations so that you can recover your data with ease in case of emergencies.


We help you monitor, audit, document, and implement encryption, authentication methods, access restrictions, authorisation, and create effective security policies to secure your database.


We ensure that your downtime is minimised and the integrity of the organisation is protected.


We monitor your database performance regularly and give you the perfect solutions to further enhance the state of it.


Our analysts make sure that your database is on par with your requirements and compliant with the industry standards.


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We help you optimise your systems, boost performance and ensure the efficiency of your applications. Mentioned below are the reasons why you should choose to outsource your database management services with us:

✓ Expertise

We have a group of experienced database management experts who have managed thousands of data-driven applications in different operating environment and industries.

✓ Risk-free

We offer you the ability to increase, reduce or cancel your subscription by offering risk-free, flexible contracts.

✓ Secure framework

Combine best practices, security reviews and ongoing monitoring of services with our expertise, and you have a security framework that helps identify and fix weak spots in your database.

✓ Transparency

We ensure that you are well informed about your system’s health at all times. Our transparent process and per minute reporting helps you understand what is going wrong with your data and take preventive measures against it at all times.

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