Unlock Database Excellence with Expert Postgres Consultancy

In this era of ever-increasing services, applications, and data, you might be one of many organizations struggling to keep pace with the volume of your data and your underlying database. If you are looking to migrate your legacy database systems to the ever-popular, speedy, and extensible PostgreSQL database, look no further.


PostgreSQL (also called Postgres) was introduced back in 1986 but has gained widespread momentum for its stable architecture, robustness, reliability, and integrity. It is open source and even allows you to define your own data types. You can migrate your database to Postgres and harness its full potential with Denizon’s Postgres consultancy services.

Why Postgres?

Postgres helps manage huge datasets by offering the following benefits:

Postgres offers a huge list of useful features such as the ability to define own data types, full-text search, authentication, and access control, comments on database objects, point-in-time recovery, and support for NoSQL-like behavior.
With stored functions and procedures, the ability to use procedural languages, foreign data wrappers, and a whole lot of other extensions, Postgres adds functionalities to your database systems that be customized to your needs.
Postgres has a robust access control system, offers multi-factor authentication capabilities, and has row and column-level security, making it a secure database management solution.
Managed by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, Postgres is an open-source project with community-driven development, high-quality extensions, and adequate support if issues arise.
ACID stands for atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability, and is a measure of guarantee that database transactions must comply to maintain data integrity. Postgres is compliant with ACID and has been so since 2001.
SQL standards define interoperability and functionality requirements for SQL implementations. Postgres adheres to most SQL standards, and this is yet another benefit over other relational databases.
Postgres is technically an object-oriented database, allowing you to define your own data types, overload functions, define inheritance relationships, and finally maintain consistency.

How to migrate to Postgres?

Migrating an existing database system to Postgres requires an extensive process of moving data, stored procedures, and definitions in addition to making application changes. The steps involved in the process are:


The first step in Postgres migration is to assess your existing database management system. This step requires a thorough analysis to evaluate if your underlying application will be compatible with Postgres. It also requires source and target database compatibility checks, code assessment, and architecture assessment.


After assessing the existing infrastructure, the next step is to prepare the data sets for migration by doing data collection, profiling, cleansing, structuring, and validation.


Once the data is prepared for migration, the next step is to migrate the data by using either the big bang database migration technique, trickle database migration, or zero downtime migration.


After migrating the databases, proper testing must be done to ensure that the new Postgres database system works effectively with the existing infrastructure.

How can Denizon help?

While Postgres has a huge range of features and benefits, Postgres migration has a greater degree of complexity in comparison to other forms of migration. Database migration often needs careful consideration to reduce data loss and reduce the downtime associated with mission-critical applications. Additionally, Postgres migration takes manual work, time, and effort, and requires expertise in a wide range of technologies and systems.

This is where Denizon can come to your rescue. Denizon is a Postgres consultancy service with a range of IT experts who can offer you with:

Strategic advisory

We have worked with a range of businesses over the years, making it easier for us to understand your business goals and create a Postgres migration strategy that works for you. Our solution is tailored to your specific needs with little to no downtime.

Implementation and deployment

Once we create the strategy for Postgres migration, we remove the hassle of implementing and deploying the solution from your end. We can implement the solution for you by making sure none of your systems get disrupted and that your data is not lost in the process.

Managed services

Our work isn’t done after implementation and deployment. Denizon also provides you with continued managed services, monitoring, and optimization to ensure that your Postgres database remains at peak performance.

Training and support

We also provide adequate training and 24/7 support to your team to ensure that your Postgres issues can be handled in-house.

Why choose Denizon?

The benefits of Postgres for database management are huge and Denizon is no doubt your go-to solution for Postgres consultancy given our range of experience and expertise working with a wide range of businesses. If you are looking for an effortless Postgres migration experience with little to no downtime, contact us today!