Empower your business with expert Kubernetes consulting!

If you are looking to adopt robust DevOps practices and enable automated app deployment, operability, and scalability, in your IT environment you might have come across the orchestration tool Kubernetes.


While Kubernetes has been around since 2014, and while its business benefits are known to many, companies still struggle to adopt it. With Denizon, you can transfer this struggle to us. We are a leading Kubernetes consulting services provider who can understand your needs and streamline your Kubernetes migration process with ease.

Why Kubernetes?

Kubernetes has emerged as one of the best ways to bundle and run complex applications. It provides a framework to run distributed systems, manage containerized workloads, and automate deployments. The benefits of using Kubernetes are:

Kubernetes helps you save costs by automating manual processes, provisioning containers into nodes, and using resources effectively. With Kubernetes clusters, apps can run with minimal downtime and excellent performance, thus requiring fewer support costs as well as lower server costs.
Kubernetes allows for the creation of container images, which consist of everything that an application needs to run. This is more efficient and faster than using virtual machines (VM). Using container images also allows businesses to test code early in the development processes, focus on singular features, and essentially improve efficiency.
With Kubernetes, workloads can easily exist on a single cloud or multi-cloud deployments. You can easily migrate on-premises infrastructure to hybrid deployments in the cloud, without losing performance or functions.
Containerizing your applications makes them more portable since they only contain the resources that an application needs.
Kubernetes also automates container deployment in the public cloud, on-premises machines, or onsite VMs. It also allows automatic up-scaling to deal with heavy loads or spikes and down-scaling when the need is over.
Since Kubernetes balances containerized workloads, scales clusters on a need basis, restarts or reschedules containers when nodes fail, and applies rolling updates to software without significant downtime, it is best suited for high-availability applications.
Since Kubernetes is community-led and fully open source, it has a wide ecosystem of people who provide a strong support system. The open-source nature also means that there is less chance of the technology being outdated, and any problem can always be solved by asking the right questions from the community.

How to migrate to Kubernetes?

The migration process to Kubernetes involves the following steps:

Building application knowledge

The first and foremost step in the Kubernetes migration process is to understand if your application is stateless or stateful, the dependencies in the code architecture, the components to migrate, and how the application is configured.

Creating the Kubernetes manifest

Kubernetes manifests are files that describe the resources, services, and deployments in your cluster.

Containerizing the application

The next step is to containerize the application by building the container image.

Preparing the environment

You then need to prepare the database, load balancer, and other pertinent requirements for your container environment.

Migrate to Kubernetes

Finally, once the environment is ready, you can finally migrate to Kubernetes.

How can Denizon help?

Denizon is a Kubernetes consulting services provider with a range of practical expertise and technical experience in overcoming infrastructure and migration challenges. Our Kubernetes consulting experts offer you with:

Strategic advisory

With our range of varied business experiences, we can understand your business goals and create a technology strategy that aligns with your goals. Depending on your current operations, we can help architect a solution that is both cost-effective and optimized.

Implementation and deployment

With Denizon, you do not need to take the hassle of managing the implementation and deployment process. We can help do that smoothly, without any disruption to existing processes and operations.

Managed services

We do not just deploy a solution, but also provide continuous monitoring, optimization, and maintenance so that your business operations never experience downtime, and your Kubernetes environment is always at peak performance.

Training and support

Our services are not limited to deployment and managed services, but we also make sure to provide 24/7 support, and adequate training to your team so you can troubleshoot and manage your Kubernetes issues in-house.

Why choose Denizon?

Denizon has years of experience in delivering robust solutions by understanding your business goals, understanding your financial conditions, and creating a bespoke solution that ticks all your boxes. It is evident that Kubernetes offers a host of benefits to your business. Reap all the benefits of Kubernetes by collaborating with us today!