Revolutionize Your Messaging System with Expert RabbitMQ Consultancy

The open-source message broker RabbitMQ has gained widespread momentum since it was first introduced in 2007. It is a platform that ensures proper messaging between applications by deploying easier message queueing and offering temporary storage to prevent data loss.


While RabbitMq adoption offers the benefits of quick responses and seamless communication, its migration still requires proper planning and a lot of manual steps. If you are looking to migrate to RabbitMq with zero downtime, and without hampering any of your existing processes, we are the RabbitMq consultants for your needs. Transfer your migration struggles and streamline your RabbitMq migration process with ease with Denizon.

Why RabbitMq?

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, with a huge range of applications needing to communicate with each other efficiently. As the most used message broker, RabbitMq offers the following benefits:

RabbitMq is highly persistent, offers acknowledgments during message delivery, and is highly available. This makes RabbitMq a highly reliable solution.
You can deploy RabbitMq in clusters. This increases the throughput and availability of the deployment across multiple zones and regions.
RabbitMq has a huge range of plugins and tools for every language thus increasing operational metrics. The range of plugins also support continuous integration with other enterprises.
If there are issues with your deployment, you can view the logs and traces to figure them out.
RabbitMq has pluggable authentication and authorization with public and private clouds, making it a lightweight, cloud-ready solution.
RabbitMq consists of an easy-to-use management UI that allows effortless control and monitoring of the message broker.

How to migrate to RabbitMq?

The migration process to RabbitMq involves the following steps:

  1. Audit your existing setup to understand your current processes, processing times, and messaging queues.
  2. Decide the number of servers required for your RabbitMq server.
  3. Decide on a stable RabbitMq version to migrate to.
  4. Set the environment variables for your new RabbitMq setup.
  1. Manually set up settings such as the vhost, username, permissions, etc.
  2. Secure the connections.
  3. Separate connections for consumers and publishers.
  4. Set RabbitMq limits.
  5. Migrate to the new setup by defining the migration order, and making sure that queues, bindings, and exchanges exist before publishing messages.

How can Denizon help?

It is evident that RabbitMq migration is not a straightforward process and requires expertise on how the existing setup can effortlessly be migrated to a new, bespoke solution. With Denizon’s experience in system infrastructure study and migration, and can offer you with:

Strategic advisory

We have years of experience in understanding existing business processes, and creating a RabbitMq migration strategy that aligns with these processes. You can rest assured that the final solution is not just efficient, but also cost-effective.

Managed services

After the solution is implemented, we also provide a managed service solution for your deployment. With continual monitoring, regular maintenance, and ongoing optimization, we ensure that your RabbitMq setup remains a high-performance setup even after deployment.

Implementation and deployment

Once we help create the migration strategy, we ensure that the implementation and deployment process go equally smoothly without any disruption to your existing processes.

Training and support

Denizon also aim to provide you with 24/7 support so that your questions are always answered on time. We also provide ongoing training to your team so you can always deal with issues in your setup in-house.

Why choose Denizon?

Denizon is committed to making your experience smoother, reducing hassles with your RabbitMq migration processes, and creating a bespoke RabbitMq migration strategy that does not hamper your existing business processes. Contact us today for your RabbitMq consulting needs!