Cloud Security

– Anycast Technology – No Single Point of Failure
– Secure Dedicated Web-based Firewall
– DNS Failover Protection & Disaster Recovery
– URL Filtering, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Spam & Phishing
– Network, Hardware, Applications and Ports Monitoring for Vulnerability & Intrusion Detection – DDoS Prevention & Mitigation
– Sensitive Information Protection e.g. Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers
– Security Audits, Security Patches & Compatibility Checks
– Web Application Exploit (WAF) Protection: filters, monitors and blocks HTTP traffic to/from your Applications e.g. Buffer Overflow Exploits, Cookie/Session Poisoning, SQL Injection and more
– Secure Remote Access
– Multi-Factor Authentication offers greater security
– Realtime IP and IDS Sensors
– Email and Web Filtering
– Upload/Offload of SSL Certificates
– Secure Remote Access