Public sector

Here, the applications are broad, covering everything from government institutions and religious centres, all through to educational facilities. Say you’re running a campus complete with its labs, lecture halls and entertainment centres. You want your students- who are the game-changers of tomorrow, to learn the value of green practices, and certainly save some money while at it too.

Issues like lights in hostels being left on all day, notoriety when using appliances like coffee machines, cup washers and the hot water boilers- these are some of the main causes of wastage in these institutions. It will be difficult to show the students the impact of their activities on the total energy use of the institution without proper data and reports to back up your claims.

Since ecoVaro enables you to observe the metrics of the departments and machinery of the facility at an individual level, you get to highlight the energy usage patterns, minimise power wastage, and imprint the value of sustainable practices to the future leaders- and that’s holistic learning.