You’re already facing multiple cost pressures: competition from generic drugs, patents expiring, plus the significant amount of funds being pumped into R&D investment to improve your margins. You want to maintain high product quality, while reducing your production costs. This can be achieved through implementing energy-efficient practices. Active energy management with ecoVaro EMS will give your company the competitive edge, bringing you savings that will provide relief and improve your bottom line. From tracking your motors and optimising your compressed air systems, proactively altering your operations based on the changing manufacturing conditions- like regulating your laboratory ventilation to get the most productivity as the seasons change- this will lead to more savings on your power bill.

Whether it’s right at the design stage and you want to factor in natural lighting and wind flow to decrease electricity needs, or you want to find weaknesses in the management structure- like staff switching on lights for longer than is necessary, or leaving doors and windows open, analysing the trends in the consumption over time allows you to find areas of improvement in your operations. ecoVaro gives you the tools needed to identify ways to cut down your day-to-day consumption, and implement more agile policies for your business. It is also in line with your environmental strategy, as it enables you to make improvements that will reduce pollutant emissions in your pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing facilities.