Power-intensive facilities; from boilers and other heating components, compressed air systems, lathe machines and laser cutting equipment, things get quite busy. Following up on exactly where the energy is being consumed can get tricky, resulting in higher operational costs. For instance, the shift supervisors may be using shutdown procedures for the core machinery that affects the ancillary equipment like the lights and extractor fans.

Without energy management software, areas to improve upon will be missed, compounding the problem. On the other hand, setting up ecoVaro in your factories will give you the desired information to optimise the operation of your equipment. Monitoring the electricity consumption of the laser units, painting plants, robotic facilities all through to the administration area, will give you more visibility on the energy usage, making it an asset for these large electricity consumers. That way, you will be in a position to make changes backed by credible reports- whether it is small shifts in operations, or initiating more efficient shutdown procedures for your machines to reduce standby energy usage.

With ecoVaro in place, you will easily note equipment inefficiencies or even failure, and make arrangements to have the issues resolved. After implementing the energy saving measures in your industry, ecoVaro will allow you to track the performance over time.