Are you seeking ways to reduce utility bills for your hospital? As establishments that operate around the clock, hospitals are among the most energy-intensive facilities, with utility bills that far surpass those of similarly sized commercial buildings. For example, Irish hospitals alone spend over €8 million annually on water consumption. The large surfaces, long corridors, and spacious rooms that require continuous artificial lighting, coupled with the constant need for hot water, thermal comfort for patients, and steam networks for sterilization, significantly impact your monthly electricity bill. Managing energy consumption becomes even more challenging with numerous offsite facilities.

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems account for a substantial portion of energy usage in hospitals. Achieving high rates of air change is essential to combat airborne pathogens while mitigating the heating gains caused by lighting, specialist equipment, staff, and patients. However, reheating centrally cooled areas can consume more than 30% of the facility’s energy, making it a major contributor to wasted energy.

Efficient operation of hot water systems, catering units, specialized machinery, and office equipment is crucial. With ecoVaro, you gain the ability to assess the efficiency of your HVAC units, monitor gas consumption for cooking activities, evaluate the need for building fabric modifications to reduce heat losses, identify failed steam traps causing heat wastage, detect leaks in your water supply network, and determine whether adjustments are necessary for boilers and chiller units. By leveraging ecoVaro’s data-driven insights, you can optimize asset lifecycles, reduce maintenance costs, and audit the equipment throughout your entire facility using the Energy Management Software’s data collection and analysis tools. This enables you to identify areas that can be optimized to reduce power bills and lower the facility’s carbon emissions. The resulting savings can then be directed towards addressing maintenance backlogs and improving patient care.

Take advantage of ecoVaro’s capabilities to transform your hospital’s energy management practices. By optimizing energy efficiency, you can achieve substantial cost savings while enhancing the environmental sustainability of your facility. With ecoVaro as your partner, you can create a more sustainable and efficient healthcare environment for the benefit of your patients, staff, and the community you serve.