Food & Beverage

Monitoring energy consumption using the conventional bills can be problematic, making it nearly impossible to point out exactly which appliances are racking up your power bill.

From businesses supplying food items, those packaging fruits and ready-made meals, to national restaurant chains serving thousands of patrons on a daily basis, certainly you want to reduce your operational costs. For instance, the material used for the wrapping process may be causing increased heat loss from the meals, thus shifting to wrappers without plastic where reheating will not be required as often, will protect your bottom line while also decreasing your business’s reliance on plastic.

With ecoVaro, you will become savvier in your energy usage, optimising the operations of the different sets of equipment in your facility, and even showing the staff where there are faults in operational processes.

Real-time monitoring will ensure that they start up the equipment only when it is needed, and turn it off during production breaks.

EcoVaro further provides the facility’s administration with valuable information that will be used to enable them to make proper business decisions to meet their sustainability targets.