Do you want to know if the electricity being drawn by the pumps installed in your water distribution system is being used efficiently? Worried about the performance of the insulation systems for your harvested produce, or if the variable frequency drives used in your irrigation network are wasting power? Perhaps you have a commercial broiler chicken barn, and you want hour-by-hour reports of its gas submeters and ventilation equipment. For farms, energy is already a precious resource, given that it’s one of the main restrictions when you want to expand your production. This is from areas like the water distribution, to lighting and control systems. Whether one is rearing cattle, running a pig farm, dealing in horticulture, managing greenhouses that feed your local town, or producing fruits and veggies for export, there are numerous areas that energy can go to waste. These expand your energy bills, squeezing your profit margins.

How do you reduce your energy inefficiency and free up your resources, to direct them to new sectors and boost your productivity? ecoVaro EMS maps out the energy use patterns in your farm. That way you can determine if the motors, pumps and fans that have been installed are giving you bang for your buck. Observe whether those large-scale refrigeration systems are being improperly sealed, which is a common cause of wasted energy in food production. Carry out an audit on the performance of your ventilation systems, grain dryers, variable speed drives, precoolers, heat and power controllers right from your ecoVaro dashboard. You also get to analyse the impact of the renewable energy measures that you have set up in your facility, from solar photovoltaics, wind power, to those who have invested in small-scale hydroelectric generation to power their farms.