Denizon have extensive experience advising clients on SOX compliance and regulation.

We approach SOX in a two pronged approach 1) SOX analysis “as is” and 2) provide a comprehensive solution to address our concerns /findings ”should be”

  • Understand the impact of SOX on the business
  • Define and implement comprehensive SOX IT blueprints
  • Ensure that reporting solutions can provide visibility/transparency
  • Clarify external business and IT service provider role in compliance efforts
  • Assess SOX compliance maturity and track going forward
  • Understand SOX legal ramifications and demands

Our solutions

  • Provide Education and Training
  • Indepth Finance and operational staff
  • Managagment Tactical and strategic roles
  • Appropriate usage for SOX
  • Market regulation
  • Tactical and strategic roles
  • Services sourcing and  management imperatives
  • Process change management
  • IT systems work
  • Application/tools (tactical)

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