Is the spectre of a risky, complex, and unpredictable process holding you back from outsourcing your software development activities? Allow us to introduce you to a clear and more reliable approach to software outsourcing.

State-of-the-art software solutions are enabling companies to:

  • improve data reliability and availability,
  • gather insightful information,
  • streamline business processes,
  • expedite transactions,
  • mitigate risks, and
  • ensure business continuity

Clearly, organisations that have learned to fully utilise such solutions wield a significant edge amidst a highly competitive landscape.

For an IT solution to be highly effective, however, it has to be customised specifically for your business needs. But developing customised software applications in-house can be costly, as you’ll have to spend on additional manpower, space, hardware, software development tools, electricity and other related operating expenses.

 Managing this additional unit and dealing with issues arising from it can also divert your attention, causing you to lose focus on more pressing business-related concerns.

 The obvious solution? Software Outsourcing.

With software outsourcing, you communicate to the service provider your business needs and all the technical and operational issues pertaining and related to the entire software development process are taken out of your hands. That way, you can focus on running and growing your business, period.

 … if only it were that simple.

 In reality, software outsourcing has introduced a new set of problems. Amateurish service providers have made this software development option unpredictable, unreliable and, ironically, utterly costly. Projects that are not accomplished on time, features that are way-off from the original specs, and deliverables that are often below expectations are among the common issues.

 Because project management is one of our specialities – and in fact, one of our core service offerings – we can assure you that every single module in your application will be delivered on time and within budget. Denizon pay special attention to communication-related issues, as we know fully well how miscommunication has led many an outsourcing project to fail.

Our vast expertise allows us to cover all software application related issues, not only software development. We can also perform application testing, deployment, implementation, maintenance, customisations, system upgrades, or linking cutting edge to legacy systems. We can work on desktop, web, mobile, and server applications or an integrated system of all these.