Field Elite - is Field Service Management Software - Denizon
Mobile Workforce Software: Manage field workers, schedule jobs and dispatch workers promptly.

Manage Jobs by Day/Week/Month, create Quotations-Invoices-Credit Notes.
Workers can add Attachments & capture Client Signatures to validate jobs.
View everything graphically in one place; Clients, Invoices, Quotations, Products etc.

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Ecovaro - Real-time Energy and Environmental Data Managemen - Denizon
Energy Management Software: Monitor and Manage Energy and Environmental data in real-time.

Electricity, Gas, Water,

Oil, Carbon, Temperature, Humidity,
Solar Power, Geothermal,

Hydroelectric, Air Pressure and more.

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ecovaro & fieldelite working together

The ecoVaro Data Logger monitors and records energy and environmental parameters. These parameters are then fed into our ecoVaro Software where they are measured, documented and validated.

Workers can be dispatched using our FieldElite product to handle issues flagged through ecoVaro.

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