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Denizon offers Managed Hosting, Big Data Analytics, IoT Data Aggregation through our ecoVaro Software, Data Migration to the Cloud, Digital Product Build & Launch, and Operational Reviews, fuelled by superior Project Management Skills.  We ensure you receive each deliverable as expected and on schedule.

We offer an effective combination of local management and high quality solutions and can supply scalable teams to handle any project size and complexity.


Long Term Relationships


We believe in the value of long-term relationships. Because if we know each other well enough, it is easier for us to get in-sync, start the ball rolling, and accomplish our objectives faster. While each project we undertake with you can be totally different from the previous one or the next, the people we’ll be working with will practically be the same. Count on us to pay utmost attention to your every concern. We certainly don’t want it to be your last.

Business Plan


We have a planned and systematic approach to our customers’ development processes, devising alternative solutions to tricky problems, and maintaining quality control throughout entire projects. Every challenge is treated like a jigsaw puzzle. From initial planning, through recruitment and staff training, to monitoring operations, our steps are guided by quantitative and qualitative metrics so that nothing is left to chance.

Customer Satisfaction


Through efficient and professional project management Denizon is helping companies reach their full potential. Our dedication to high quality services and customer satisfaction is apparent throughout every stage of the project lifecycle. We oversee the entire process, removing the stress from our customers and freeing them to concentrate on their business operations.