As a 24/7 interface to the world, your website has to look and perform the way it should every time a visitor drops by. That’s why someone has to keep it aesthetically appealing, responsive, and abreast of the latest security & feature updates. Since you need to focus on your core business processes, that someone can’t be you.
And that’s why we’re here. Whether you need to maintain a basic online show window of your company profile, products, and services or a high performance, interactive Web interface to your customers, we’ve got the right expertise to do practically everything for you.

Our Managed Services include:

  • Web design, hosting, and customisation
  • Application installation, upgrade and configuration,
  • Site and content management, and
  • Training

Because we work with open source products, we can offer you solutions that feature: low cost of ownership, high degrees of customisation, superior security and reliability, better integration capabilities,and total transparency. We work with products like:

  • Drupal

    Robust core plus an expansive collection of modules and themes. It’s purposely designed for building enterprise web sites and apps, but it’s also something you really can’t afford spending much of your time on.

  • Joomla

    Has all the right tools for constructing powerful websites in a highly extensible CMS. You’ll be better off entrusting it to someone who can really wield it to establish the centerpiece of your online presence.

  • Mahara

    Because it is much more than just a tool to place your resume online, we offer you the expertise to manage your e-portfolio, build your network, or integrate your Mahara system into a broader virtual learning framework.

  • Moodle

    The leading solution for delivering education through the Web, Moodle offers a scalable platform that can facilitate collaborative learning online. Focus on your students. We’ll take care of your site.