Planning Your Move to The Cloud

Denizon develops a strategic plan for your migration to using cloud computing services.

We cover
– Cost and capacity
– Cloud Architecture you should use
– Applications that might be migratable
– Database Environment
– Data Security
– Cloud Governance and Data Governance
– Big Data Opportunities
– Backups and Restoration
– Data Archiving
– Recovery Plan
– Communication lines with regard to traffic spikes/surges or planned data uploads
– Business Continuity

Benefits of Moving to The Cloud

– Flexibility & Scalability  – it’s easy to scale up or scale down cloud capacity.
– Cost Effective – no need to spend capital on server hardware.
– Automatic Updates – regular server updates are rolled out, including security updates.
– Disaster Recovery – the cloud gives you the advantage of being able to implement cloud backups and recovery procedures.
– Team Collaboration – users can access, edit and share documents.
– Anytime, Anywhere – users can access documents anytime, from anywhere.
– Faster deployment times – apps and services can be deployed quickly.
– Enhanced Security Features – no worries about lost or stolen laptops.
– Reduced Footprint –moving to the cloud means you reduce the number of data centres needed for your company.