Our team’s approach to accounting and consulting fosters cost-effective problem-solving, and our entrepreneurial attitude looks beyond number-crunching to the larger issues of long-term profitability and business success.

Effective management accounting is a critical aspect of your internal decision making process. The key players within your organisation depend on internal accounting information to make decisions. Thus, these key players will most likely shy away from complicated accounting reports that are also difficult to understand and contain irrelevant information.

Denizon Consulting will assist you to develop and implement an improved system that readily provides all the relevant information, such as key drivers of value and costs that are relevant to the decision-making process, in a less intimidating and easily understood format.

Effective management accounting results in:

  • Better integration of management accounting with the strategic management process
  • Proper identification of which accounting information is most relevant
  • Improved communication of relevant accounting information
  • An efficient process for measuring, analysing, reporting, and interpreting accounting information
  • Increased acceptance and utilisation of internal end-user accounting reports
  • A more efficient decision-making process.

Our team of Management Accountants and Financial Managers will help you review your current management accounting system to determine whether it adequately supports your business’ operations.

Our Management Accounting solutions will also help you improve your budgeting process and develop an efficient variance analysis framework to enable you to effectively track and review the causes of variances to budget.

Our Cost Accounting consultants will help you with your cost analysis (product/service costs, cost-volume-profit analysis, margin analysis etc.) and pricing analysis.

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