Inventory, which typically represents 45% to 90% of all expenses for business, is needed to ensure that the business has the right goods on hand to avoid stock-outs, to prevent shrinkage (spoilage/theft), and to provide proper accounting. Many businesses have too much of their limited resource, capital, tied up in their major asset, inventory. Worse, they may have their capital tied up in the wrong kind of inventory. Inventory may be old, worn out, shop-worn, obsolete, or the wrong sizes or colours, or there may be an imbalance among different product lines that reduces the customer appeal of the total operation.

Inventory control systems range from eyeball systems to reserve stock systems to perpetual computer-run systems.

Denizon can provide expert advice and implementation on many different activities that can support your inventory including:

Physical Inventory CountLocation controlSub-Inventory control
Consignment stockKanban  & JITExcess & Obsolete
Price and cycle reductionsReverse logisticsVirtual Shipments
RMA returnsMRB controlWIP control, Discrete Jobs
ABC Inventory classificationCycle Counting (Blind)B2B & B2C
Warehouse organisationLogistics ManagementFreight RFQ