From plumbing emergencies to new installations being set up - the FieldElite scheduling software puts you in a position to quickly respond to your customers and dispatch your plumbers to the premises. Use the mapping feature to view the job location. The required information- including the previous maintenance reports for each customer, will just be a click away, and your plumbers will be in a position to acquire it in real-time, taking the appropriate action for that particular situation.


An accurate history for every customer and unit will give you the competitive edge to take care of their particular needs each time. Both the office personnel and electrical technicians on the ground will have access to attached files- form the installation setup to wiring diagrams that are uploaded onto the system. Whenever repairs are needed, this information will be readily available for the crew that has been sent on site.

Property Management

Your tenants will not have to task themselves with DIY tasks that would end up doing more harm than good to your property You will be in a position to effectively manage the installation and repair crew, improving the response times- much to the delight of the occupants of the building. For companies manufacturing and servicing equipment like HVAC units, lighting networks and even industrial control systems- with this Field Service Automation Software you have a comprehensive solution that ensures your operations will be seamless.


You get to maintain a professional image for your brand during every cleaning session, boosting your productivity and generating more profit from your venture. The integrated FMS captures every detail, ensuring that your billing is accurate. Take advantage of the mobility trends from FieldElite to grow your residential and commercial cleaning company, and provide the services to remove areas with flexible plans, scheduling, invoicing and discounting for each individual client.

Pest Control

Exterminators sent on-site cannot afford to dilly-dally. Wasted hours from miscommunication, inefficient processes and missing supplies will only aggravate your clients- who are already on their wits end from the creepy crawlies in their living or working space. Use FieldElite to streamline your services, with a comprehensive work management system that supports your entire team, from the customer care at the office, to the personnel sent to the affected establishment to eradicate the pesky bugs. With its in-built trackers, you will know exactly how long the task took, and the material that your staff used.


No more lost paperwork or frustrations caused by failures within the conventional property management software programs. Avoid the countless hours spent poring through loads of worksheets and typing away at your calculator as you try to pinpoint the loopholes in the building’s maintenance program. FieldElite brings all the information to you, accessible through an easy-to-use dashboard. You get to have up-to-date information on repair jobs that need to be carried out, interacting with your own personnel who you have tasked with the job, or the crew that has been sent out to you by the utility providers and technicians already onboard the Field Service Management platform.


Do you run a lock installation and repair company? Keep track of your technicians without having to deal with mounds of paperwork. Edge out your competition by ensuring that you get to your clients’ homes or offices on time, with detailed reports about the scope of the work, and the equipment needed to handle the job. Get the task done right the first time around, and save your clients the frustrations that come with having to reschedule because of issues like missing supplies. Add notes about the job into the FieldElite system, and keep reports for future reference by any other technician that will be dispatched to the premises.

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