ecoVaro - Our IoT Product

WHAT IS ecoVaro?

ecoVaro is our cloud-based Energy Management Solution that allows you to constantly monitor and manage energy costs.

It gathers data from your meters. This extensive information can be checked out accurately in personalised reports and customisable dashboards that reveal trends and provide in-depth resource usage.

You get access to all of your energy consumption records, with a user friendly-interface.

It is perfectly adaptable to your current technical features. All we do is install compatible data logging devices, then connect you to our web-based energy monitoring software and we’re on!


It provides you with unique opportunities to gain insights into its carbon foot-printing. This then allows you to develop strategies to reduce energy usage and costs, while improving your company’s “green” reputation.

It enables measuring and energy consumption comparison in different plants, branches, stores, offices, hotels or airports, generating infinite analysis and reporting possibilities and many optimisation solutions.


  • Secure Data Aggregation
  • Statistics Gathering
  • Data Access via Personalised Dashboard Reporting
  • Capital Realisation
  • Waste Reduction
  • Better Equipment Utilisation Management
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
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