Utility Providers

Are you looking to change the face of your utility firm and engage your customers more in modern energy programs? Already, utility companies are perceived as being oppressive to their customers, indifferent to their plight- and actually invested in them accumulating high energy bills.

Bombarding them with tonnes of data is not the way to go. Firstly, the end-users are not exactly energy experts ready to grasp the numerous meter readings they are accosted with. Secondly, they don't have the time to pore through mounds of data telling them why they should turn off their lights more often during the day, stop leaving the electronics on in the building, how the seasonal changes affect their power bills, or why the performance of their HVAC units is tied to their carpet and window cleanliness. You want to give them information that will be easy to interpret and digest, showcasing energy saving opportunities with each customer.

ecoVaro transforms the data into actionable insights that can be used to achieve the target results. With this in place, you get to increase the loyalty of your current customer base, and attract new customers by setting yourself apart from the competition. Not only does this boost your public image, but it is also in tandem with the performance-based regulation that is increasingly being adopted in the energy markets.

Food & Beverage

Monitoring energy consumption using the conventional bills can be problematic, making it nearly impossible to point out exactly which appliances are racking up your power bill.

From businesses supplying food items, those packaging fruits and ready-made meals, to national restaurant chains serving thousands of patrons on a daily basis, certainly you want to reduce your operational costs. For instance, the material used for the wrapping process may be causing increased heat loss from the meals, thus shifting to wrappers without plastic where reheating will not be required as often, will protect your bottom line while also decreasing your business’s reliance on plastic.

With ecoVaro, you will become savvier in your energy usage, optimising the operations of the different sets of equipment in your facility, and even showing the staff where there are faults in operational processes.

Real-time monitoring will ensure that they start up the equipment only when it is needed, and turn it off during production breaks.

EcoVaro further provides the facility's administration with valuable information that will be used to enable them to make proper business decisions to meet their sustainability targets.


To make an accurate analysis of energy performance, the tariff regime in operatation, and engage in energy savings projections, accurate data across the different sites of operations is required. This is while accounting for variables such as outside temperature, and the need to identify weak points in rooms.

Using ecoVaro, energy inefficiencies during the seasons and bookings will be made clear, enabling you to put in place measures to bring you higher returns. With its real-time functionality, this data is availed whenever you need it, reducing the expenses that go into maintenance call-out times, and noting offline appliances without having to be at the actual location.


With intelligent building monitoring, various factors come into focus: the gas consumption, water quality, acoustic features of the premises, interior lighting, water quality, and electricity consumption of the different units.

Green buildings are in high demand throughout the real estate sector, and providing residential and commercial spaces where the tenants or buyers will make more savings in their power bills has become a key focus.

This is right up the alley of ecoVaro, which has seen its adoption by property managers in the different niches.


These are power-intensive facilities. From boilers and other heating components, compressed air systems, lathe machines and laser cutting equipment, things get quite busy. Following up on exactly where the energy is being consumed can get tricky, resulting in higher operational costs. For instance, the shift supervisors may be using shutdown procedures for the core machinery that affects the ancillary equipment like the lights and extractor fans.

Without energy management software, areas to improve upon will be missed, compounding the problem. On the other hand, setting up ecoVaro in your factories will give you the desired information to optimise the operation of your equipment. Monitoring the electricity consumption of the laser units, painting plants, robotic facilities all through to the administration area, will give you more visibility on the energy usage, making it an asset for these large electricity consumers. That way, you will be in a position to make changes backed by credible reports- whether it is small shifts in operations, or initiating more efficient shutdown procedures for your machines to reduce standby energy usage.

With ecoVaro in place, you will easily note equipment inefficiencies- or even failure, and make arrangements to have the issues resolved. After implementing the energy saving measures in your industry, ecoVaro will allow you to track the performance over time. 

Public Sector

Here, the applications are broad, covering everything from government institutions and religious centres, all through to educational facilities. Say you’re running a campus complete with its labs, lecture halls and entertainment centres. You want your students- who are the game-changers of tomorrow, to learn the value of green practices, and certainly save some money while at it too.

Issues like lights in hostels being left on all day, notoriety when using appliances like coffee machines, cup washers and the hot water boilers- these are some of the main causes of wastage in these institutions. It will be difficult to show the students the impact of their activities on the total energy use of the institution without proper data and reports to back up your claims.

Since ecoVaro enables you to observe the metrics of the departments and machinery of the facility at an individual level, you get to highlight the energy usage patterns, minimise power wastage, and imprint the value of sustainable practices to the future leaders- and that's holistic learning.


Do you want to know if the electricity being drawn by the pumps installed in your water distribution system is being used efficiently? Worried about the performance of the insulation systems for your harvested produce, or if the variable frequency drives used in your irrigation network are wasting power? Perhaps you have a commercial broiler chicken barn, and you want hour-by-hour reports of its gas submeters and ventilation equipment. For farms, energy is already a precious resource, given that it's one of the main restrictions when you want to expand your production. This is from areas like the water distribution, to lighting and control systems. Whether one is rearing cattle, running a pig farm, dealing in horticulture, managing greenhouses that feed your local town, or producing fruits and veggies for export, there are numerous areas that energy can go to waste. These expand your energy bills, squeezing your profit margins.

How do you reduce your energy inefficiency and free up your resources, to direct them to new sectors and boost your productivity? ecoVaro EMS maps out the energy use patterns in your farm. That way you can determine if the motors, pumps and fans that have been installed are giving you bang for your buck. Observe whether those large-scale refrigeration systems are being improperly sealed, which is a common cause of wasted energy in food production. Carry out an audit on the performance of your ventilation systems, grain dryers, variable speed drives, precoolers, heat and power controllers right from your ecoVaro dashboard. You also get to analyse the impact of the renewable energy measures that you have set up in your facility, from solar photovoltaics, wind power, to those who have invested in small-scale hydroelectric generation to power their farms.


Looking to shave off some numbers from your hospital’s utility bills? With hospitals running 24/7/365- serving patients, employees, and visitors, they are some of the most energy-intensive establishments around, with bills multiple times larger than commercial buildings of the same size. For instance, when it comes to water consumption, Irish hospitals spend over €8 million on it alone each year. Large surfaces- with the long corridors and big rooms where artificial lighting is continuously used, the constant need for hot water and thermal comfort for patients, steam networks to meet the sterilisation demand- what impact do they have on your monthly electricity bill? Numerous offsite facilities add to the daunting task of managing your consumption. A huge chunk of the energy goes into the ventilation and air-conditioning systems. After all, high rates of air change are needed to help in warding off the risk of airborne pathogens, while also mitigating the heating gains that are caused by the lighting, specialist equipment, and the staff and patients themselves. In fact, reheating the centrally cooled areas can be chomping up more than 30% of the facility’s energy usage, yet it is also the main contributor to wasted energy.

The hot water systems, catering units in the healthcare facility, theatre, examination and other specialist machinery, to the office equipment- you want to ensure that they are operating efficiently. ecoVaro enables you to determine if improvements are needed for your HVAC units, track gas consumption for cooking activities, decide whether there building fabric needs to be altered to reduce heat losses, identify failed steam traps that result in heat wastage, detect leaks in your water supply network, or even note whether changes will be required for your boilers and chiller units. Use ecoVaro’s data-driven insights to optimise the lifecycle of your assets, and slash the maintenance costs. You get to audit the entire facility’s equipment through the data collection and analysis tools of the Energy Management Software, and determine areas that should be optimised to reduce your power bails, plus the carbon emissions of the facility. The savings can then be directed to addressing maintenance backlogs and improving patient care in the establishment.


You’re already facing multiple cost pressures: competition from generic drugs, patents expiring, plus the significant amount of funds being pumped into R&D investment to improve your margins. You want to maintain high product quality, while reducing your production costs. This can be achieved through implementing energy-efficient practices. Active energy management with ecoVaro EMS will give your company the competitive edge, bringing you savings that will provide relief and improve your bottom line. From tracking your motors and optimising your compressed air systems, proactively altering your operations based on the changing manufacturing conditions- like regulating your laboratory ventilation to get the most productivity as the seasons change- this will lead to more savings on your power bill.

Whether it’s right at the design stage and you want to factor in natural lighting and wind flow to decrease electricity needs, or you want to find weaknesses in the management structure- like staff switching on lights for longer than is necessary, or leaving doors and windows open, analysing the trends in the consumption over time allows you to find areas of improvement in your operations. ecoVaro gives you the tools needed to identify ways to cut down your day-to-day consumption, and implement more agile policies for your business. It is also in line with your environmental strategy, as it enables you to make improvements that will reduce pollutant emissions in your pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

Supply Chain

Are you seeking certification under environmental sustainability standards for your business, or in the process of developing your corporate social responsibility strategy? Are you concerned about securing trading permits, adhering to mandated caps and other kinds of regulation that are being pushed by governments in a bid to limit the amount of carbon released by businesses? Do your suppliers meet your "Going Green" credentials? Are they keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum? As the business landscape changes, there is more emphasis on the approaches that companies use to address their environmental objectives. Track trends accurately and identify areas of opportunity with ecoVaro energy monitoring software. This is across the scope of the supply chain, from the mine sites to the trash can- sourcing the ore, manufacturing processes, transportation networks, commercialisation and distribution of products, consumption, and to the final disposal of goods.

From those who feel motivated by their ethical obligations to Mother Nature, business owners targeting tax rebates and carbon credits for implementing energy efficient actions, to those seeking to add more clout to their tenders and make them compelling, the ecoVaro energy management system will enable you to analyse the impact that your operations have across the entire supply chain. In fact, customers are increasingly favouring companies that can credibly demonstrate how they’ve reduced their carbon impact. Data-driven insights from ecoVaro give you the information you need to make critical decisions and optimise your processes, and train your suppliers to get them on board your sustainability journey.

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