Your company undergoes change everyday. And more often than not, it can be flexible enough to adapt accordingly. However, every once in a while, a company may be forced to take complex, large-scale business changes that require a complete overhaul of processes, tasks, personnel and technologies.

Economic downturns, fast rising new competitors, and even climate change, can force companies to scale down, engage in mergers & acquisitions, or transfer to a new location. These unforeseen events are so overpowering, that your business will have no choice but to succumb to deep, company-wide changes.

In the past, chief executives would already be content when their company could adapt to change quickly. That is, the sooner their company adapted to the required changes, the faster it could go back to performing its business processes.

But that essentially meant, their business processes had to practically grind to a halt. In most cases, it would take days, weeks or even months before business processes could resume normally.

That space, that perceived brief gap, when products and services are delivered at sub-par levels can be enough to provide your competitors with the golden opportunity. The moment you get back up and running, a sizable market share may no longer belong to you.

That’s why, when we deal with the challenge of implementing a large-scale business change, we see to it that our clients are given enough room to carry out the changes they need while delivering their products and services at service levels that are acceptable to their customers.

We’ll help you through every step of the change process, from:

  • Evaluating the required change by conducting diagnostics such as change complexity, causal, structural, and context analysis;
  • Managing stakeholders including your sponsors, top executives, managers, and personnel;
  • Planning for the change; and
  • Managing the change process itself.

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