Business intelligence (BI), when used effectively, enables decision makers to easily access and share insight information, all with very little technical knowledge or IT intervention.

Thus, everyone within the organisation has improved insight and is empowered to make smarter decisions.
Ineffective use of business intelligence systems, however, could lead to poor quality of business insight which may increase the likelihood of poor decision making. In order to obtain better insight and also make smarter decisions, organisations need to make optimal use of their BI systems.

Optimising business intelligence enables organisations to obtain clear insightful information and thus develop a better understanding of their own operations, customers/clients, competitors, and other relevant factors that affect decision making within the organisation.

What can business intelligence do for you?

Empower your people. Business intelligence gets the right information to the right people to make smarter decisions. Self-service access to BI means users can gather, analyse and report their own data.

Improve organisational effectiveness. Business intelligence can be used in every part of your organisation (Sales, HR, Finance, Supply Chain, Operations etc.). Information is more discoverable, insights are shared across the organisation, and decision making gets easier.

Improve IT efficiencies. Business intelligence solutions can leverage existing IT investments. By having self-service analytics and reporting capabilities, users get the BI capabilities they need and IT can focus on other tasks.

When choosing an effective and efficient BI solution, consider the following:

Data Quality. As the saying goes “garbage in, garbage out”. Thus, it is crucial to evaluate the hygienic status of the organisation’s data to ensure the accuracy of subsequent intelligence obtained.

Intuitiveness. The intuitive nature of the business intelligence tool affects user adoption. Users will readily use tools that are easier to use and also helps them do their jobs.

Right Metrics. There is no need to have a business intelligence solution in place if it measures the wrong metrics. Don’t just measure…measure the right metric. A good understanding of the relevance of what needs to be measured leads to better insight.

Denizon has the expertise and experience to implement and/or streamline your business intelligence systems without compromising quality. We understand that this might seem to be a major undertaking for some. However, we believe that if you start small and simple (as a first step), you may realise huge improvements in how you utilise all the data available to you. Even if you have a complicated enterprise-wide BI system in place, we can help you optimise the intelligence obtained for it.

Our Business Intelligence services include:

Evaluation, Selection & “Health-Check”

Business Intelligence Road Map & Implementation

Reporting & Analytics

Data Modelling

Dashboards, Scorecards & Visualisation