Can we do without that necessary evil called Water heater?

A colleague of mine had just received an enormous electricity bill and from her reaction, it was like her worst nightmare had just become a reality. She shared with us how she had some houseguests during the month and how they would take countless long hot showers making her articulate a house rule that no one should shower more than once each day.

I fit perfectly in her shoes and I believe that rule was warranted. In my own house, I have often caught myself doing mental correlations on the time a person spends in the shower and the electricity bill.

For people who may be suffering as a result of their energy bills; it is important to take measures towards reducing the amount of hot water used and increasing the efficiency of their hot water systems. The methods differ depending on the needs. It however, all starts with the type of water heater, fuel type used to heat water where options are available, the efficiency of the water heater (energy factor), and the water heater size relative to the institutions hot water demand.
For me, a low flow showerhead and spending less time in the shower save on hot water overuse. Institutions and homes with greater hot water usage could consider all these, regular maintenance of their water heating systems and much more.

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