Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a vital component in BC planning. Through risk assessment, your company may determine what vulnerabilities your assets possess. Not only that, you’ll also be able to quantify the loss of value of each asset against a specific threat.

Network Security

The easiest way for an external threat to get to your private data is through your network. The easiest way to eliminate that threat? Get your data out of the network. Of course, we know you wouldn’t want to do that.

Maturing Into CMMI

In all likelihood, the reason why you landed on this page was because you were seeking CMMI experts to help you meet the demands of a growing number of potential clients who require CMMI compliance.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Any business in the manufacturing industry would know that anything can happen in the development stages of the product. And while you can certainly learn from each of these failures and improve the process the next time around, doing so would entail a lot of time and money.

IT Systems Implementation

Although a rigorous Acceptance testing process can spot a wide spectrum of flaws in a newly constructed IT system, there is no way it can identify all possible defects. The moment the IT system is delivered into the hands of actual end users and other stakeholders, it is effectively stepping out of a controlled and secure environment.

Strategy and Portfolio Management

A well planned strategy is the necessary bridge between brilliant leadership and excellent execution. Without it, your entire organization cannot hope to respond quickly and effectively to challenges and changes within the landscape on which it operates.

Vendor Selection

When shopping for an IT solution for your enterprise, there are two things you should scrutinize: the product (or service) itself and its vendor. Many times, companies overlook the importance of the latter, giving the reason that “it’s only the product we need.”

Web Design and Development

The first few seconds of a first-time website visitor is very crucial. If he doesn’t like what he sees or if he thinks it takes too long just to load what he’s supposed to see, chances are, that would be the last time you’d ever catch him on your site.

Web Analytics

There’s a vast ocean of raw customer data on the Web. Ever thought of the implications if somehow you could harness all that data and transform it into useful information?